Boys Cozy Hooded Southwest Coat



Product Description:

Yo, check it out! This Boys Cozy Hooded Coat is straight fire, fam! It's got a sick geo pattern fleece lining that's all about keepin' you cozy and lookin' fresh. Made of 100% polyester, this coat is light but warm, and perfect for those chilly days. With a long sleeve and drop shoulder design, it's got that extra swag factor. Plus, it comes with a pocket to stash your essentials and a plaid pattern to keep you on-trend. The material has a slight stretch, giving you that comfy fit you're lookin' for. Whether you're hikin' or just chillin', this coat's got you covered, no matter the season. And hey, throw it in the machine for a quick wash or take it to the dry-cleaners for a profesh clean. It's a casual style that suits any occasion. So, if you wanna level up your outerwear game, cop this coat now!

Bullet Points:

  • 🌟 Cozy geo pattern fleece lining keeps you warm and stylish AF
  • 🌟 Made of 100% polyester for a lightweight but warm fit
  • 🌟 Long sleeve with drop shoulder design for that extra swag
  • 🌟 Features a pocket for stashing all your essentials
  • 🌟 On-trend plaid pattern and slight stretch fabric for maximum style and comfort


| Composition | 100% Polyester | | Material | Polyester | | Sleeve Length | Long Sleeve | | Sleeve Type | Drop Shoulder | | Details | Pocket | | Patterned | Plaid | | Sheer | No | | Fabric | Slight Stretch | | Placket Type | Placket | | Collar Style | Cardigan Collar | | Contour | Conventional | | Seasons | All | | Care Instructions | Machine wash or professional dry clean | | Style | Casual | | Other Material | Polyester | | Closure Type | Zipper | | Type | Coat | | Applicable Age Group | 12 and under | | Sport Type | Hiking | | Fit Type | Loose | | Weaving Method | Knit Fabric | | Item ID | EV57237 |

Why Buy This?

Yo, listen up! You need this Boys Cozy Hooded Coat in your life, and here's why. First off, the cozy geo pattern fleece lining is gonna keep you warm and on point, no matter the weather. And with its lightweight 100% polyester material, you'll be feelin' comfy and fly all day long. The long sleeve with drop shoulder design adds that extra touch of swag that's gonna make you stand out from the crowd. Plus, the pocket is perfect for keepin' your stuff safe and secure. The on-trend plaid pattern and slight stretch fabric bring maximum style and comfort, so you can look fresh and feel good at the same time. Whether you're hikin' or just chillin', this coat is gonna level up your outerwear game. So don't sleep on it, fam. Cop this coat now and take your style to the next level! πŸ™ŒπŸ”₯

Composition:100% Polyester
Sleeve Length:Long Sleeve
Sleeve Type:Drop Shoulder
Fabric:Slight Stretch
Placket Type:Placket
Collar Style:Cardigan Collar
Care Instructions:Machine wash or professional dry clean
Other Material:Polyester
Closure Type:Zipper
Applicable Age Group:12 and under
Sport Type:Hiking
Fit Type:Loose
Weaving Method:Knit Fabric
Item ID:EV57237

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